NOMMA Education Foundation
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Board of  Trustees          

Rob Rolves
Foreman Fabricators Inc
St. Louis, MO

Mark Koenke
Germantown Iron & Steel Corp
Jackson, WI

Jay Shah
Architectural Iron Designs, Inc.
Plainfield, NY

Steve Engebregsten

The Wagner Companies 
Butler, WI

Tony Martinez
NOMMA President-Elect
Big D Metalworks
Dallas, TX

Mark Koenke
Germantown Iron & Steel Corp
Jackson, WI

Karine Maynard
Maynard Studios, Inc
Lawrenceburg, KY

Lynn Parquette
Mueller Orn. Iron Works &
Elite Architectural Metal Supply      
Elk Grove Village, IL

Bruce Witter
C. T. and S. Metalworks
Irving, TX

Carole Workman
Burlington Miscellaneous Metals LLC
Graham, NC

Grant York
York Metal Fabricators Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK

ABOUT NEF                                                                              

NOMMA – NEF Partnership

In 2001, the NOMMA Board of Directors organized the NOMMA Education Foundation (NEF) exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined in the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and in the Foundations articles of incorporation. 
1. To provide quality education for business owners, managers and workers in the ornamental and miscellaneous metals industry. 
2. To engage in all lawful activities consistent with the preceding purpose of the Foundation  primary of which, is to raise money to carry out these activities.
There are important reasons for both NOMMA and NEF to exist.  

  • Individual donations to NEF (auction item or money) may likely be tax deductible as a charitable contribution, whereas donations to NOMMA would NOT be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.
  • NEF’s primary focus is on education, to fund and produce educational programs for the industry; whereas NOMMA has more than one primary directive to benefit members and the industry
  • NOMMA may not receive grants or other funding from government agencies, NEF may.

Even though NOMMA may give money to the foundation, the foundation cannot give money to NOMMA, except for reimbursement of services rendered, such as a management contract.  Funds may not be co-mingled at any time for any reason. 

NEF’s trustees are elected by the NOMMA Board of Directors. As NEF trustees we understand that the NOMMA Board has bestowed upon us a charge, more specifically a TRUST. The NOMMA Board expects that the NEF trustees will be responsible keepers of the mission and purpose of NEF as well as be good stewards of the funds that we administer. As good stewards of finances it would be unwise of us to spend all of our funds by the end of each year with no thought for the future. As a sound management practice, NEF makes every effort to have two years of operating capital held in reserve.   
If you have any quesions reguarding NEF please contact us at or any of it's Trustees

Give the Gift of Your Time

NEF has special projects that are ongoing. If you'd like to support NEF by being generous with a few hours of your time just reach out to any Trustee listed at the left or email or call the office 888.516.8585.