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 Membership     Dues      Description
Affiliate      $310     Teachers, schools, nonprofits, architects
Fabricator       Fabricators of metal products that are sold to consumers.

     $350 Small  $250,000 or less annual gross revenues
     $475 Small-Med $250,001 - $1.49 million annual gross revenues
     $525 Medium $1.5 million - $2.49 million annual gross revenues
     $600 Large  $2.5 million and higher annual gross revenues
 Supplier      Size Provide goods or services to the industry
     $725  Nationwide  Supplier that sells nationally
     $575  Regional  Supplier to fabricators in a 500-mile radius
     $450  Local  Supplier to fabricators in a 150-mile radius
 Student       $45   Available to students in the US, Canada, and Mexico currently enrolled in college, university or technical school. Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Legacy       $99   Available to members who have been a NOMMA member for 3 years and are currently retired but would still like to receive NOMMA benefits including Fabricator magazine. 
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