Code of Ethics
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NOMMA Code of Ethics

As members of the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association, we recognize our responsibility to our global community, our nation and to each other. We therefore pledge to adhere to the following rules of ethical practices.

To Our Customers

  • We recognize the value of your faith and confidence in us and we will do our utmost to uphold it at all times.
  • We will follow the high standards of craftsmanship which you have a right to expect in the creation and fabrication of our products; and they will be erected in a professional manner according to high standards of our industry.
  • All materials and supplies used in the manufacturing of our products shall be equal to or better than that required by specifications.

To Our Industry

  • We will not solicit the services of employees of fellow members of the association or knowingly contribute to dissatisfaction in their existing employment.
  • We will not make derogatory statements about a fellow member pertaining to their ability or integrity.
  • Where reward and profit are lacking, service and product depreciate in value; therefore, our selling prices are based on the true cost of production and distribution plus fair and reasonable profit.
  • We will furnish referrals when asked to support each other's businesses.