Top Job Gallery: Silver Winners

Top Job Silver Winners

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  • Compass Ironworks
  • Art's Work Unlimited, Inc.
  • Germantown Iron & Steel Corporation
  • Artistic Iron Works LLC
  • The Heirloom Companies
  • The Heirloom Companies
  • Compass Ironworks
  • Artistic Iron Works LLC 
  • Post Road Iron Works 
  • Robert Thomas Iron Design 
  • La Forge De Style 
  • Big D Metalworks 
  • Eagle Machine & Welding 
  • Living Design Studios 
  • Magnum Companies 
  • Magnum Companies 
  • Flaherty Iron Works 
  • Magnum Companies

    Compass Ironworks

    These bronze gates were designed to specifically match the cast bronze railings already on the property. They were made to fit between beautiful limestone columns and were finished in a bronze paint patina.

    Art's Work Unlimited Inc.

    These aluminum drive gates depict a beautiful underwater scene of marine life. Aside from the frame, everything is hand forged and dry brushed gold.

    Germantown Iron & Steel Corporation

    These railings are a dream come true. Made in the Art Nouveau style, the “Golden Ratio” mathematical properties were used to create this aesthetically pleasing spiral for the scrollwork.

    Artistic Iron Works LLC

    This bronze interior stair railing seems simple but required absolute perfection in order to work. Five flights of stairs and three large landings added up to over 400 balusters and 16 newel posts. Each newel post was unique in height and custom for each stair flight.

    The Heirloom Companies

    These beautiful black railings are 100% forged and carefully crafted with intricate designs.

    The Heirloom Companies

    This cast iron exterior railing encloses a garden behind a church. The biggest challenge was breaking down the cast panels in order to create the curved effect that matched the stone ledge that the panels sat on.

    Compass Ironworks

    It’s not often you see a transcending curved railing as beautiful as this. The bronze powder coat with gold highlights adds the perfect finish to this work!

    Artistic Iron Work LLC

    This decorative fireplace surround with sliding bronze doors is a great addition to this room. The room also has an entire wall of windows, which gives the patina finishes on the fireplace a unique look from each angle.

    Post Road Iron Works

    This contemporary light fixture amplifies the light from its single bulb to create a dramatic appearance. The fixture is approximately 24" at its widest point.


    Robert Thomas Iron Design

    This circles table base is made of forged steel and silicon bronze and weighs about 500 lbs.

    La Forge De Style

    This forged bronze portal door has custom foliage and hand forged scroll work. Finished in a dark brown patina with clear lacquer and have independently operated glass panels that can be left open for a breezeway effect.

    Big D Metalworks

    These feature helical stairs have custom perforated steel and wood rail system and are the main focal point on the 16th and 17th floors of a law firm!

    Eagle Machine & Welding

    The custom aluminum spiral staircase was forged entirely from aluminum, including the leaves, birds, and squirrels.

    Living Design Studios

    This 2-story stringer design was made from steel and designed jointly by the architect and fabricator.

    Magnum Companies

    The exterior architectural aluminum fins around the perimeter of the building consists of 11 stainless steel fins under porte-cochere. It has to be welded 100% watertight to prevent moisture from entering, freezing, and distorting the fins from within.

    Magnum Companies

    This “shingle" pattern install stands in a high-end mall. The acrylic panels contain LED lights and required precision, design, fabrication and installation.

    Flaherty Iron Works

    The original wrought gate was installed in 1856 and the original arch was added in 1923. Decorative ornamental iron columns were added to support the arch and match the scroll design in the fence columns.

    Magnum Companies

    The canopy is made from rolled I-Beams with decking and topped with 20 ga. of corten steel. The fence - 3/16" corten steel plate with horizontal rebar.