Top Job Gallery: Gold Winners

Top Job Gold Winners

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  • Artisian Metal Works
  • A2 Fabrication Inc.
  • BELT
  • Boyler's Ornamental Iron
  • C.T. & S. Metalworks
  • Custom Metals
  • Finelli Architectural Iron & Stair
  • Custom Metals
  • Living Design Studios
  • Living Design Studios
  • Hebo-Stratford Gate Systems Inc.
  • Flaherty Iron Works
  • MDO Welding & Fab Inc.
  • The Heirloom Companies
  • Berger Iron Works
  • Robert Thomas Iron Design

    Artisan Metal Works

    The entire gate was designed and fabricated from aluminum because it had to be structurally sound to withstand the heavy usage and the wind loads. The leaf design complements the environment and pleased the client significantly.

    A2 Fabrication Inc.

    The project consisted of 463 LF of side mounted SS railing on the pier and East wall and 335 LF of surface mounted, galvanized railing on the west promenade. Of the 2624 hours of fab time, half was spent in sewing special layout on the netting.


    This is historic landmark of Romanesque Revival. Every piece of the railing was carefully handcrafted; custom designed from the client’s ideas and concepts to sketches, shop drawings, and all hand made processes.

    Boyler's Ornamental Iron

    The elegance and simplicity of the Southwest design contributes to this complex forged railing from the second story overlook to the basement in a private residence on a wildlife preserve. The total job consisted of fabrication, finishing, and installation of the four staircases.

    C.T. & S Metalworks

    This magnificent footprint is 38 ft x 25 ft and 19 ft high. Inside was clad with Cyprus Wood.

    Custom Metals

    Six bronze cathedral doors, removed from site and brought to shop. Although the doors were extremely heavy, every visible surface was given a brushed satin finish and multiple corrosion-inhibiting clear coats

    Finellii Architectural Iron & Stair

    This elliptical staircase ran from the basement to the second-floor no evidence in welding. All pieces had to be individually cut into create a continuous movement of the design with no support posts.

    Custom Metals

    No visible fasteners with this 158 square feet Woven onsite in a recessed alcove. The 95 steel bars in this structure are the designer’s representation of Martin Luther’s 95 theses.

    Living Design Studios

    The design concept was by the architect, who allowed modifications by the fabricator to meet budgetary and engineering specifications. High winds and ice storms made Engineering the greatest challenge, requiring all parts be aluminum for weight reduction.


    Living Design Studios

    Interior Railings

    Hebo - Stratford Gate Systems Inc.

    This gate was fabricated using a combination of tools including: forging with an air hammer, Hebo, Water Jet and planishing hammer.

    Flaherty Iron Works

    Every part of the tree is heated steel hammered to look just like a fallen tree. A small bird’s nest with bird and egg was also added.

    MDO Welding & Fab Inc.

    A lot of effort went into the design and engineering of this to get all of the support of the deck for a floating visual. The railing is all forged aluminum, in a kind of old world/castle style, made to resemble the arrow slits seen in old castle turrets.

    The Heirloom Companies

    A unique hanging ornament designed to coordinate with the main staircase located inside the bank lobby. An especially interesting view of the fixture can be had by standing directly underneath it looking straight up wherein the bottom section serves to “picture frame” the upper section visually.

    Berger Iron Works

    This free standing helical staircase twists 540 degrees, stands 24 ft. tall and weighs in at over 30,000 lbs. It was created in the shop in 900 hours.

    Robert Thomas Iron Design

    The whimsical, sculptural design of this gate was intended for an elaborate garden walkway. The gate was designed and all parts were forged by a team of blacksmiths during a week long collaborative effort.