Top Job Gallery: Bronze Winners

Top Job bronze Winners

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  • Metal Head Inc 
  • Picasso Gate Inc 
  • La Forge De Style 
  • La Forge De Style
  • Robert Thomas Iron Design
  • Hess Ornamental Iron
  • T & W Fabricating 
  • Living Design Studios
  • Northwinds Forge Co.
  • Maynard Studios
  • The Heirloom Companies
  • Compass Ironworks
  • Berger Iron Works
  • Sure Iron Works
  • Klham & Sons
  • Art's Work Unlimited

    Metal Head Inc.

    This driveway gate was fabricated from solid aluminum bar and plate and measures 20ft wide and 13ft high at the center. The top and center members were cut on a waterjet and fabricated into I-beam shapes. Both sides were fitted with antique brass accents in the form of collars, rosettes, and plates after the top coat of polyurethane paint.

    Picasso Gate Inc.

    These in-swinging automated entry gates are one set of four on the property. They were installed on a house built in the 1930's and represent the ironwork from that time period. All components, scrolls, spear points and column tops are all forged, with the exception of the hinges. All of the materials are textured and corners broke on all the square bars.

    La Forge De Style

    This blackened steel railing with a bronze cap and glass panels took 950 hours to complete and was 80% machining. The cap was designed by the architect and also machined. The biggest challenge on this project was getting the architect and client to decide on the details and then figuring out how to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time without having too many visible fasteners.

    La Forge De Style

    This beautiful bronze railing with silver nitrate patina is exactly what the client wanted. No welding was involved, just silver soldering and a lot of hand sanding.

    Robert Thomas Iron Design

    The goal for this interior railing was something simple, beautiful, and sculptural, and it exceeded all of these expectations. The staircase features forged steel balusters and pickets, with a forged silicon bronze cap rail and custom forged and machined hardware in both steel and silicon bronze.

    Hess Ornamental Iron

    This aluminum and glass deck railing is designed with a dual post to withstand the weight of a granite top that will become a bar. The powder coated matte black finish is lightly sanded and gives the finished project the perfect touch!

    T & W Fabricating

    This steel tree branch railing was designed by the fabricator and completed in 750 hours with a 2 part clear urethane. It is 96’ in length and runs along the upper balcony and the front porch.

    Living Design Studios

    This urban fireplace is situated in a hotel lobby and was finished with black patina on the steel, a satin finish on the bronze, and then sealed with a clear lacquer.

    Northwinds Forge Co.

    This iron fireplace is completely hand forged, has varying textures, and is finished with black patinas and clear lacquers.


    Maynard Studios

    This gate was forged to feature an Oak Tree with Spanish Moss on the limbs and layered grass on the tree’s base. It measures roughly 6’ wide and 9’ tall and is operable on the right leaf via a bronze latch system.

    The Heirloom Companies

    This amazing staircase is the main focal point of a bank lobby. The steel treads were clad in oak to match the newels and handrail and the intermediate newels located on the pitched section where hammered from solid 2” square stock.

    Compass Ironworks

    These modern steel Cinderella stairs are straight out of a fairy tale with double saw tooth radial stringers, glass treads, glass railing and stainless handrail.

    Berger Iron Works

    Now the tallest building in San Antonio, TX, this 100 Ton structure crowns the top of the new headquarters for Frost Bank.

    Sure Iron Works

    The Foucault Pendulum is named after the French physicist Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault and demonstrates the rotation of the Earth!

    Klham & Sons Inc.

    The three wall mounted lantern brackets are approximately 125 years old and in 1998 one of the four brackets was stolen. A duplicate bracket was made to match the stolen one and was hot dipped galvanized. 27 years later the three original brackets needed to be restored and were then sandblasted. After the repairs were made, the brackets were then metallized with zinc.

    Art's Work Unlimited, Inc.

    This 4’x6’ aluminum decorative art panel features handmade tropical fish and other marine animals. It is finished in a deep bronze paint with several iridescent paints dry brushed to give them a rich color that enhances the details.