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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The meeting starts @ 10 am

Coffee at 9.30 am

MAC Metals Inc. 
936 Harrison Avenue
Kearny, NJ  07032
Phone: 630-303-2222

Contact MAC Metals for directions

We will start off with a tour of MAC Metals facility including the extrusion plant.

Mac Metals Inc. is a specialty brass mill providing custom architectural metals to architects, general contractors, original equipment manufacturers, machine shops and architectural and ornamental metal fabricators that require custom extrusions made of brass, bronze and nickel silver.

The tours will be followed by a demonstration by Philippe Fiers of Armadillo Metalworks Inc.  Philippe will be demonstrating the "French method” of joining bronze handrail.  This involves the upsetting and cold hammering the joint.  There will also be discussion, and examples presented of other joinery methods that can be used, depending on the situation.


Mac Metals will provide lunch following tour and demonstration. 


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