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Meet Our Featured Member: Stephanie Yousif!



Stephanie Yousif is the Lead Operations Manger at Bucthel Metal Finishing Corporation, a family owned metal finishing company in the heart of Elk Grove Village, IL, home to the largest industrial park in the United States. Bucthel serves a variety of industries including food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical and aerospace.

Stephanie has been with the company since 2015, starting as an administrative assistant, slowly learning the ropes of the business culture at Bucthel. Today, as Operations Manager, she oversees most of the company’s daily operations from sales to project management.

Bucthel Metal Finishing Corp. was launched in 1985 with just short of 2,500 square feet of operational capacity. From its beginning as a small metal polishing shop, Bucthel has embraced change, maintaining that it is embedded into the company culture. To continuously evolve and consistently improve is the goal. Today, with over 40,000 square feet of facility space and a seasoned team of metal finishers, Bucthel is able to serve various industries in national and international markets.

Some things, however, do not change. Bucthel maintains its focus is providing quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent service to their customers.

Bucthel Metal was founded by Abe Yousif, an Assyrian immigrant from Iraq. Stephanie is a firstgeneration American and second generation leader at Bucthel who takes pride in her family’s business