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Meet Our Featured Member: Jesse Eriquezzo!



Jesse Eriquezzo is the owner and founder of JG Welding and Fabrication LLC, a welding and metal fabrication company that began its operation in the summer of 2017. Jesse first experienced the metal fabrication industry right out high school, when he got a job at a local fabrication/polishing shop. After working his way up and learning to weld on the job, he decided to earn his welding certificates at the local trade school. After finishing school, Jesse purchased a welder and a few metal fabrication tools and decided to do some side work in his garage while still working his day job at the local fabrication shop. Soon, welding small repairs for neighbors turned into welding parts for local machine shops, which then resulted in building handrails, railings, and fences for customers in his area. Soon the part-time side job blossomed into a full-time growing business that moved from Jesse's garage to the shop that it is in today.

Today, JG Welding mainly provides ornamental iron work/miscellaneous metals and custom metal frames for a local furniture manufacturer. While still a small operation, they look forward to growing in the years to come, and are excited to be joining NOMMA!