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Cutting Solutions to Meet the Most Demanding Requirements – Yours

With a long history of innovation in arc welding and cutting equipment, Lincoln Electric has been providing state-of-the-art products and comprehensive process solutions to our customers for more than a century. In the past decade, we have combined the resources and expertise of several leading companies – PythonX, Inovatech Engineering, Vernon Tool, Torchmate, Burny Kaliburn, and others – to create a single cutting group to address every possible customer need. What’s more, we’ve developed a worldwide network of R&D centers to oversee the most comprehensive research and product development program in the global welding and cutting industries.


Lincoln Electric is no stranger to manufacturing. It’s the arena in which we’ve maintained a leadership position for more than a century. Along the way, we’ve learned that leadership in manufacturing isn’t just about welding technology. It’s also about cutting technology, which is an integral process in virtually every industry: structural steel, construction, oil, gas aerospace, automotive, machinery, mining, farming, and more. No matter the application, no matter the material, no matter the shape, we have the systems and solutions that will enable you to make the cut.



At every step in our evolution, we’ve focused on building a portfolio of expertise that encompasses every cutting application within the fabrication and industrial manufacturing universe: structural steel cutting, plate cutting, tube and pipe cutting, plasma cutting and motion control, and more. Every segment of Lincoln Electric’s overall business is directly aimed at providing solutions to the challenges you face every day. After all, cutting is about much more than just material separation. It’s about material handling, robotics and automation, regulatory compliance, part quality, and a host of other concerns. We’re the one source and the one partner you’ll ever need to address it all.


What started with welding many decades ago has evolved into a range of applications and solutions that apply to virtually every segment of the manufacturing process, including cutting. That’s why Lincoln Electric invests in the largest application engineering, automation, and R&D support centers in the industry. Highly trained and experienced technologists, engineers and applications personnel are available to not only troubleshoot customer problems in the field – anywhere in the world – but also develop new solutions based on whatever customer challenges we encounter. In the end, this industry-leading technical support team has one focus: providing you with the best cutting solutions for your specific needs.