Fabricator Benefits
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Express Your Professionalism.

Membership in NOMMA is a pledge to maintain a high level of professionalism and to adhere to ethical business practices. Customers and partners appreciate this commitment. Seeing your company affiliation with NOMMA gives them confidence that working with you will be a positive experience.


Multiply Your Network

As a NOMMA member, you’re instantly welcome. It’s easy to start conversations with peers nearby and nationwide, about new opportunities and better ways to operate. You also have a standing invite to monthly roundtable discussions about best practices and solutions for common business problems. 


Lower Your Costs

Our member savings program offers significant discounts on office supplies, payroll services, shop components and more. NOMMA members see an average $600 savings on overhead expenses each year, and some have saved thousands. All you have to do is enroll to start saving!



Expand Your Knowledge

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned, NOMMA offers practical and technical information to keep you at the cutting edge. Gather knowledge all year via Fabricator Magazine, online videos, NOMMA Network, and seminars. Immerse yourself in industry intelligence for a few days each year at METALfab.


Boost Your Business

You’ve made a business investment; enjoy the returns. Membership activates a broad range of benefits designed to support future growth: for you, your employees, and your company. The more actively you engage in what NOMMA has to offer, the more you’ll see careers, relationships and business flourish.




Protect Your Business

Invest in the only trade association who advocates for your interests -- shaping code regulations and stopping egregious code restrictions.