Why Choose a NOMMA Member
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Why choose a nomma member?
For more than 60 years, NOMMA members have been trusted members of the metal fabricating industry and also have become trusted contributors in their local communities.  Our members aspire to surpass the highest level of craftsmanship as well as  stay current on the latest techniques and technology. For customers,  this means that you are working with the best people in the industry who will delver superior quality results.

Best of the Best 

NOMMA members offer superior technical and artistic skills to each of their projects. 


NOMMA members adhere to the industry-leading business and ethical practices, standards of honesty and responsibility. 


NOMMA members promise a quality job with high standards, ethics and professionalism so they can better serve you. 
Safety that protects you and your project

Safety is a top concern

Safety is top of mind for all NOMMA members. It means that a job is done right and helps prevent injuries and property damage. A NOMMA member knows the local codes so that means you can count on the work to be code compliant. NOMMA members understand OSHA regulations so the installation crew will maintain a safe work environment.
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NOMMA members are dedicated to their craft and take pride in their work. A job well done is money well spent because if a job is done poorly it can cost you double in the long run when you factor in repairs and replacements. Get it right the first time, choose a NOMMA member.
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