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NOMMA: Networking, Innovation, Knowledge

NOMMA offers the tools you need to improve shop efficiency and be a better businessperson.


We are based in Texas and recently installed a stair and rail system in Iowa. Following the initial install we realized more work was needed. To send my crew out a second time for one day of work didn't make sense. Because of my relationships through NOMMA I was able to find a local member to complete the install. They did an excellent job, my customer was happy, and I saved a lot of time and money.
– JR Molina, Big D Metalworks, Dallas, TX


Testimonials - NOMMA Provides Results!

Here's what members are saying about NOMMA:

At my first convention I learned about the Top Job contest and it really gave me an incentive to design and build the very best I could for the customer and myself. I also learn from the NOMMA ListServ, which continually provides answers to questions and exposes me to ways that others solve their problems. There are many education videos available and it's a great resource when you need it. And it's always a good time at the convention, just visiting with everyone and looking at all the work in the awards contest. I think it's a wise business move to join NOMMA. 

— Rod Lambirth, Rod Iron Rod LLC, Odessa, TX

The NOMMA organization does a great job with helping fellow members and making a difference in the industry especially with code issues or concerns.

— Brian Rush, Crystal Metalworks, Hatfield, PA

I just shipped an aluminum pipe railing to a fellow NOMMA member in Wisconsin. The company's general manager put out a request for assistance on the NOMMA ListServ, and needed the railings fast! I quoted him and got the job. The ListServ works wonders for all members and gave me a nice fabrication job.

— Bill Coleman, Arc Angels Inc., Dunedin, FL

NOMMA has given me all kinds of tools to help me run my business and get me through these hard economic times.

— Scott Colson, Iron Innovations Inc., Clinton, MS

I just wanted to thank my NOMMA brothers. We have had two out of state jobs that we are working on. Friday and today two of my NOMMA brothers in those respective states were able to make and ship material to the job sites for us.  While neither job will pay for a second home in the Bahamas, they may allow all involved to buy a sandwich at the end of day or maybe a beer at the convention. It just goes to show the value of NOMMA membership.

— Mark Koenke, Germantown Iron & Steel Corp., Jackson, WI

My philosophy is that the ornamental metal trade is better served by knowledgeable individuals. Bad metalwork means bad publicity for our trads and turns future clients away from us. That is why I don’t mind sharing bits of my knowledge through NOMMA — it helps us all in a long run.

Philippe Fiers, Armadillo Metalworks Inc., Passaic, NJ

All of our new jobs are directly related to NOMMA due to the networking opportunities with so many members across the U.S.

Marco Vasquez, Vasquez Custom Metals, Tampa, FL

After hearing much about NOMMA over the years I joined in 2008. I then started getting jobs that required expert help, which I found on the ListServ. Fellow members around the country were lending me a hand on projects, even though some were thousands of miles away. I have made it official now, the NOMMA yearly membership will save me more then I could ever expect it to, and I will be renewing my company's membership as long as NOMMA exists!

— John Allen, Country Metals, LLC, Salem, NJ