Top Job Winners
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2019 Top Job Winners

 Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the Ernest Wiemann Top Job Contest!


2019 Mitch Heitler:  Finelli Architectural Iron & Stair 


Category A - Driveway Gates - Nonforged

Gold: Artisian Metal Works

Silver: Compass Ironworks

Bronze: Metal Head Inc.


Category B - Driveway Gates - Forged

Gold:  Hebo/Stratford Gate Systems

Silver: Art's Work Unlimited, Inc

Bronze: Picasso Gate Inc. 


Category C - Interior Railings - Ferrous - Nonforged

Gold: Finelli Architectural Iron & Stair

Silver: Germantown Iron & Steel Corporation 

Bronze: La Forge De Style 


Category D - Interior Railings - Nonferrous - Nonforged

Gold: Living Design Studios

Silver: Artistic Iron Works LLC

Bronze: La Forge De Style


Category E - Interior Railings - Ferrous and Nonferrous- Forged

Gold: Boyler's Ornamental Iron 

Silver: The Heirloom Companies

Bronze: Robert Thomas Iron Design


Category F - Exterior Railings & Fences - Nonforged

Gold: A2 Fabrication 

Silver: The Heirloom Companies

Bronze: Hess Ornamental Iron 


Category G - Exterior Railings & Fences - Forged

Gold: BELT

Silver:  Compass Ironworks

Bronze: T & W Fabricating 


Category H - Furniture & Accessories - Nonforged 

Gold: The Heirloom Companies

Silver: Artistic Iron Works LLC and Post Road Iron Works (Two company tie) 

Bronze: Living Design Studios


Category I - Furniture & Accessories - Forged

Gold: Flaherty Iron Works

Silver: Robert Thomas Iron Design

Bronze: Northwinds Forge Co. 


Category K - Gates/Doors - Forged

Gold: Robert Thomas Iron Design

Silver: La Forge De Style

Bronze: Maynard Studios


Category L - Stairs Complete - Commercial

Gold: Berger Iron Works

Silver: Big D Metalworks

Bronze: The Heirloom Companies


Category M - Stairs Complete - Residential

Gold: MDO Welding & Fab Inc. 

Silver: Eagle Machine & Welding and Living Design Studios (Two company tie) 

Bronze: Compass Ironworks


Category N - Structures & Miscellaneous

Gold: C.T. and S Metalworks

Silver: Magnum Companies

Bronze: Berger Iron Works


Category O - Unusual Ornamental 

Gold: Living Design Studios

Silver: Magnum Companies

Bronze: Sure Iron Works


Category P - Restoration 

Gold: Custom Metals

Silver: Flaherty Iron Works

Bronze: Klahm & Sons Inc


Category Q - Art/Sculpture

Gold: Custom Metals

Silver: Magnum Companies

Bronze: Art's Work Unlimited, Inc. 


People's Choice

Upright Iron Works