NEF PRO 2018
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NEF PRO - Recap

NEF PRO – Practical Forging was a great time! Robert Thomas Iron Design @robertthomasiron served as host shop for the event in Charleston, SC. A big thank you to Robert and Natalie Thomas and their expert crew.

This 2-day event also featured a bonus session where hammers were made from scratch using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The educational workshop was an awesome opportunity for metalworkers to come together and learn from one another. For the first time, the workshop centered on a group project encompassing the complete design process from concept to full-scale drawings. Then, a forging plan was established and components made to add to fabricated pieces made from plasma cutting. The group worked on the project, while learning how to incorporate forge work into fabricated designs to create more customized work for clients. The finished project will be featured at the NEF Auction held during METALfab 2019!

NEF gratefully acknowledges sponsors of the event: Lawler Foundry Corp, Grainger Metal Works and Burlington Misc. Metals, LLC.