Code Advocacy
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NOMMA is Your Advocate

About 20 years ago, NOMMA formalized its activities and initiatives related to the technical and regulatory aspects of the industry. NOMMA volunteer leaders work closely with experts to gather the information you and your business need to successful. NOMMA's Technical Affairs team works on three areas:


NOMMA works to ensure that the industry is fairly represented with various government and non-government regulatory bodies. These organizations include the International Code Council, Underwriters Laboratories, the American National Standards Institute, and American Society for Testing & Materials, and the ADA Accessibility Guidelines Committee.

NOMMA monitors regulatory developments in four areas:

  • Building Codes
  • ADA
  • Driveway Gates
  • Climb-ability Study

Technical Support

We offer unlimited technical support to our members in the areas of codes, standards, and government regulation. The Technical team also regularly dissemminates information to members. 

Technical Information

NOMMA has produced the online Code Comparison Guide (member's only), the NAAMM/NOMMA Metal Finishes Manual, and the Standard Trade Practices Manual