METALfab2018 - Education
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 METALfab2018 Education program presented by NEF


February 6 - 7, 2018

Phoenix, AZ

EDUCATION LINE UP for METALfab 2018         



 Cutting Technologies: Waterjet  and Plasma

 How can you use this technology to benefit your business. Discover the pros and cons along with what types of projects are best suited for each cutting technology

Cable Railings 

 Introduction to cable rail systems. Find out what is required to design, fabricate and install and how to satisfy engineering and code requirements 

 Introduction to Stair and Rail Codes with code updates

 Learn about the basics of residential stair and rail codes. Find out the difference between various codes (ada/osha/nfpa) and where they apply. Get an update on ICC code changes

 Emerging Technologies

 Using digital and 3d laser measuring systems, tablets and scanning to help optimize all areas of your business.

 Lessons from a Master

 Time tested procedures handed down by some of the legends in our field. See how they used to do it and how it can still be efficient today.

 Gates 101

 A beginner's guide to get you started on different gate fabrication. Learn design basics, how to choose the proper hinge and latch and basic code requirements

 The Art and Business of Metal Sculpture

 Meet and learn from an Artisan in our industry as he discusses how his company produced their favorite projects and find out how you can bring this specialty into your business

 How they did it:  2017 Mitch Heitler Award

 Get the full story on the Mitch Heitler Top Job winning project, how they got the job, what it took to plan and construct it and what they learned from it.

 Taking on Structural Steel Projects

 What are the risks? What do I need to know to find fabricate and erect these types of projects? Learn from fabricators who have worked in the structural steel industry tackling projects both large and small

 Theory of Constraints: Two Part Class

 Every organization had some limiting factor(s) that keep them from achieving their goals.  This 2 part course will give you a broad understanding of the concept and provide ways that you can determine constraints in your business and ideas on how to break them.

 Sales and Marketing

 Find new ways to use social media, website design, networking and advertising to find the people to sell and sell the people your find.

 CAD Tricks and Tips 201

 Take a deeper look into the world of CAD detailing. Learn how to use the power of your CAD program to make detailing more efficient and more accurate.

 The 60 Minute Strategic Plan

Do you have a plan for your business? This class will show you how to develop a clear path to lead you to where you want to go.

 Finishing/Coloring of Common Metals by Oxidation

 Basic chemistry of the process, off the shelf and DIY products. What to avoid, equipment, health ricks, possibilities & processes and more.

 Round Table: Human Resource & Management Issues

 HR Management of your personnel...Today our workforce is made up of younger groups who learn and respond very differently. Learn how these leasers navigate their employment challenges and learn their success stories.

 Round Table: Young Leaders Forum

 Our industry leadership is changing. Whether you are a veteran leader or just starting to manage your firm, you will learn from some of NOMMA's most active young fabricators and learn the special talents their generation brings and the challenges they face.

Round Table: Peer to Peer Collaboration & Networking (Formally Listserv Live)

 Meet the people you talk to on listserv. Practical insights to provide solutions to timely questions and challenges in the industry.