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Mentoring Program - Connect With A Fellow Professional

The NOMMA  Mentoring program is designed to connect industry experts and veterans (Mentors) with newcomers to the field (Mentees).

Mentor Volunteer & Mentor Request Form

General Partnership

Based on a traditional mentoring relationship, a Mentor is paired with a less-experienced Mentee. Mentees choose their own potential Mentors based on area of interest.

Special Interest Partnership

The Mentor in a Special Interest Partnership offers guidance to the Mentee on a single issue, such as shop efficiency or advanced fabricating techniques.

What is Expected of a Mentor or Mentee?

A NOMMA Mentoring relationship is a dynamic exchange between two individuals. To ensure a successful mentoring relationship, there are expectations for both Mentors and Mentees.

Steps to participate in the Mentoring Program:

1. Mentors and Mentees must fill out the sign-up form and fax or mail it to NOMMA.
Download the Mentoring sign-up form.

2. For a Special Interest Partnership, Mentees should view the "panel of experts" (see below) and directly contact a Mentor in a specific program area.

For complete bios of the mentors, [instructions here]

Panel of Mentors

 Name  Company  Status  Specialty    Assigned to Member  Date
 Tony Martinez Big D Metalworks  Assigned  Stainless Steel      
 Mike Boyler Boyler's Ornamental Assigned Mid-size business      
 Jan Allen Smith Allen Iron Works Assigned METALfab Iron Buddy      
 Patty & Joe Koppers Koppers Fab Assigned METALfab Iron Buddy      
James & Sue Minter Imagine Ironworks Assigned  Iron Buddy & Mentor      
 Randy LeBlanc Metal Head Inc.  Available Small shop      
 Doug Bracken Wiemann Metalcraft Available Generalist    22815707  4/18/14
 Allyn Moseley  Heirloom Stair & Iron Available  High end business/startup/doors      
 Jonathan Samek COI Co. Available 1 & 3      
 John McLellan  McLellan Blacksmithing  Assigned Blacksmithing    46224486  4/17/17
 Roger Carlseon Ephraim Forge Inc. Available 2 & 4      
 Greg Bailey Bailey Metal Fabricators Inc.    #4      
 Art Ballard Art's Work Inc        David Perkins  8/10/15
 Lloyd Hughes            
 Josh Fuller  Tru-Fit Products Available  Stud welding and mag drills      




NOMMA Mentoring Initiative - General Information & Guidelines

To share organization knowledge and develop a support system for new NOMMA members.
Long distance mentoring is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception, members will utilize telephone, email, METALfab to communicate.
The relationships are natural, supported, valued, and desired by both parties.
The parties bring some degree of knowledge to the relationship: mentor/mentee.

Desired Outcomes:
Mentors gain personal satisfaction, feedback, and networking opportunities.
Mentees obtain advice, feedback, and an expanded base of skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities.
Encourage each other to remain active members of NOMMA, the association.

Experienced mentors can provide valuable information on how to make the most of your NOMMA membership.  

Although both parties involve begin the process with expectations about how the relationship will develop, it is often wise to consider establishing a discrete time period as a trial basis for you and your mentor.

Following are some guidelines for mentor/mentee to consider in fostering an effective mentoring relationship:

Ask for advice and welcome constructive criticism.
Be as specific as possible when asking for advice.
A good mentor will offer both constructive criticism and suggestions for your work, so be open to both.

Be considerate of each other’s time.
return phone calls/emails promptly.
ask how much time you each have available.
discuss setting aside a particular time each few weeks to talk.

Listen to what your mentor has to say.
show appreciation for the time and assistance given to you by your mentor.
mentors need encouragement too.
let them know how their advice worked.

Keep the door open with your mentor, you never know when you may need his/her advice or assistance at some point in the future
Tips on interaction:

Spend time learning more about each other in building a professional relationshipnegotiate ground rules: confidentiality, time, ways to communicateshare career stories, what experiences were helpfultalk about topics not pertaining to workdiscuss how feedback will be given/receivedidentify some objectives to work on togetherconduct informal networking by introducing each other to others who could prove helpful to your businessinvite each other to key meetings: MetalFab, chapter meetingsdiscuss what keeps you up at nightmeet up with other mentor/mentee pairsshadow each other at work: "spend a day in my shoes”if possible, serve on a committee together


Disclaimer: Mentoring information is provided for general informational purposes only. NOMMA and its volunteers endeavor to provide information that is complete and accurate at the time it is provided. However, NOMMA makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the completeness, accuracy or utility of the information or opinion provided. NOMMA, its directors, officers, employees, and agents shall not be liable to anyone for any damages resulting from use of this information. Any use of or reliance on this information is solely at the risk of the user. Final authority on the application of building codes always rests with your local jurisdiction.

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