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The following is a listing of books relevant to our industry. It's great for getting started in metalworking or learning about the traditions of our 1,000-year-old industry. The listing was originally created by the late Ed Mack and Lloyd Hughes in 1997, and it was presented at the METALfab convention in Birmingham, AL.


ID1SubjectTitleAuthorISBNLCCNCopyrightDate EnteredPublisherCity_StateAlpha TitlePagesDescription
1Metalwork DesignPicasso: Fifty-Five Years of His Graphic WorkAbrams, Harry N.5600108019553/29/01Harry N. AbramsNew York, NYPicasso: Fifty-Fice Years of His Graphic Work177Contains photos of Picasso's work with etching, dry point, and aquatint.
2Art-GeneralThe Graphic Work of M.C. Escher6700932119673/29/01Meredith PressNew York, NYGraphic Work of M.C. Escher22
3Art-GeneralThe History of World SculptureBazin, Germain6801236319683/29/01New York Graphic SocietyGreenwich, CTHistory of World Sculpture459col. illus. 34 cm.; Translated by Madeline Jay
4Art-GeneralThe High Renaissance Italian PaintingBorea, Evelina6202052519633/29/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYHigh Renaissance Italian Painting6724 col. slides (in pockets)
5Art-GeneralDegasBullard, John E.7512792119713/29/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYDegas48contains slide set (20 col. slides 2 x 2 in.)
6Art-GeneralThe Surrealists7101867119693/29/01The Byron GalleryNew York, NYSurrealists132chiefly illus. (part col.)
7Art-GeneralA Sketchbook of Interpretive DrawingsCarluucci, Luigi6701590019673/29/01Narry N. AbramsNew York, NYSketchbook of Interpretive Drawings36
8Art-GeneralImpressionist PaintingChatelet, Albert6201898119623/29/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYImpressionist Painting48Illus., 24 col. slides (in pockets)
9Art-GeneralAnimals and Men: Their Relationship as Reflected in Western Art from Prehistory to the Present DayClark, Kenneth7737702619773/29/01Thames and HudsonLondonAnimals and Men240Covers sacred and symbolic animals and their emotions depicted in art, from fear thru admiration, greed, cruelty, and love.
10Art-GeneralArt of the World: From Ancient Greece to Post-ModernismCole, Bruce and Adelheid Gealt6716700778900431119893/30/01Summit BooksNew York, NYArt of the World345Introduction by Michael Wood. Highlights critical periods and salient works.
11Art-GeneralThe Cubist EpochCooper, Douglas7148144827358564419714/2/01Phaidon in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art & the Metropolitan Museum of ArtLos Angeles and New YorkCubist Epoch320Focuses on art, architecture, and antiques; realism.
12Art-GeneralThe Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art, and ArchitectureDoczi, Gyorgy8777319427709088319814/2/01Shambhala PublicationsNew York, NYPower of Limits150ISBN: 0877731934 (pbk.) :

ISBN: 0394735803 (Random House : pbk.)
13Art-GeneralVan GoghEnas, Grose6802038619684/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYVan Gogh48
14Art-GeneralPicasso: A Study of His Work by Frank ElgarElgar, Frank6005140419604/2/01PraegerNew York, NYPicasso: A Study of His Work268Contains art monographs, Spanish art, and modern art examples.
15Art-GeneralPicassoGalloway, John6702988919694/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYPicasso48
16Art-GeneralAlberto GiacomettiGiacometti, Alberto and Peter Selz6502384719654/2/01DoubledayGarden City, NYGiacometti119Intro by Peter Selz and an autobiographical statement by the artist. Catalog offers a pictorial representation of the artist's 1965 exhibit of sculpture, paintings, and drawings at Museum of Modern Art.
17Art-GeneralMichelangeloGilbert, Creighton6701626419674/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYMichelangelo48History of the artist and his works; offering in the "Color Slide Programs of the Great Masters"; includes 20 color slides and commentary.
18Art-GeneralA Short History of African ArtGillon, Werner8160013918401407519844/2/01Facts on FileNew York, NYShort History of African Art405
19Art-GeneralPicasso and the Age of IronGimenez, Carmen, Dore Ashton, and Francisco Calvo Serraller8920710369321383219934/2/01Guggenheim MuseumNew York, NYPicasso and the Age of Iron3310892071036 (hardcover)

0892071044 (softcover) curated by Carmen Giménez ; essays by Dore Ashton, Francisco Calvo Serraller
20Art-GeneralLearn Art in One Year: How the Non-Artist, in 52 Weekly Lessons, can Become Proficient or at Least Fully Appreciative of ArtGirard, Robert6801878919684/2/01Avenel BooksNew York, NYLearn Art in One Year96Contains 52 weekly lessons for the novice artist; self-course in art appreciation principles and examples.
21Art-GeneralEdward Sheriff Curtis: Visions of a Vanishing RaceCurtis, Edward S.8263224923380820004/2/01U of New Mexico PressAlbequerque, NMEdward Sheriff Curtis111
22Art-GeneralThe Art of Henry MooreGrohmann, Wil6000779819604/2/01H. N. AbramsNew York, NYArt of Henry Moore279
23Art-GeneralHistory of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, ArchitectureHartt, Fredrick8109116398700096819874/2/01Harry N. AbramsNew York, NYHistory of Italian Renaissance Art703
24Art-GeneralThe Illustrated BirdOster, Maggie3851457647806118219784/2/01Dolphin BooksGarden City, NYIllustrated Bird80Contains photographs of 30 favorite birds in full color.
25Art-GeneralAlbert Paley: Organic LogicJoseph, Peter94065751188165810419944/2/01Peter Joseph GalleryNew York, NYAlbert Paley: Organic LogicPaley is known for his craftsmanship, from jewelry to gates, iron, bronze, steel. (paperback)
26Art-GeneralPicasso: LinocutsKarshan, Donald6805615219684/2/01Tudor Publishing Co.New York, NYPicasso: Linocuts103
27Art-GeneralLouise Nevelson: A Passionate LifeLisle, Laurie6716751688902963919904/2/01Summit BooksNew York, NYLouise Nevelson: A Passionate Life352Biography; premier American sculptress.
28Art-GeneralToulouse-LatrecLoftus, John7909181019694/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYToulouse-Latrec47
29Art-GeneralPrehistoric and Primitive Man (From Landmarks of the World's Art series)Lommel, Andreas6601583619664/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYPrehistoric and Primitive Man176Contains 100 color and 100 B/W illustrations of cave paintings, totems, jewelry, masks, pottery, and textiles.
30Art-GeneralAlbert Paley: Sculptural AdornmentNorton, Deborah L.2959715259105292919914/2/01U of Washington PressWashington, D.C.Albert Paley: Sculptural Adornment79Albert Paley : sculptural adornment / introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith; essays by Deborah L. Norton and Matthew Drutt.
31Art-GeneralArt NouveauMadsen, Stephen T.6710600319674/2/01Weidenfeld & NicolsonLondonArt NouveauArt theory, architecture, applied art, sculpture: the movement's eclipse and the achievements.
32Art-GeneralPeople of Eight SeasonsManker, Ernst M.91744200038120013519754/2/01Gothenburg, SwedenNordbokPeople of Eight Seasons214People of eight seasons : The story of the Lapps / Ernst Manker ; [translated by Kathleen McFarlane].
33Art-GeneralDiego GiacomettiMarchesseau, Daniel08109099878602662919874/2/01H.N. AbramsNew York, NYGiacometti216
34Art-GeneralPicasso's Third DimensionMili, Gjon7413843119704/2/01Triton PressNew York, NY183Features Picasso's 3-dimensional art: statues, collages, ceramics, and constructions. Contains 100 full-page illustrations.
35Art-GeneralWith Henry Moore: The Artist at WorkLevine, Gemma08129082287802068919784/2/01Times BooksNew York, NY151
36Art-GeneralThe Natural Way to DrawNicholaides, Kimon03950804877531376119754/2/01Houghton MifflinBoston, MA221This book is a working plan for an art study that features a challenging instructional course on drawing, memory drawing, figures, fabric, composition, light, and shade.
37Art-GeneralKnife, Life and BronzesNygaard, Kaare8609067119864/2/01Nigaarart Ltd.Scarsdale, NY192Retrospective of Norwegian surgeon/sculptor.
38Art-GeneralArt Fundamentals: Theory and PracticeOcvirik, O. G. et al06970323107531337819754/2/01W.C. Brown Co.Dubuque, Iowa194Includes bibliography and chronological outline; explores the components of art and shows how form and organization, the universal factors of art, are always derived from the same visual elements.
39Art-GeneralPablo Picasso: A RetrospectiveRubin, William S. ( ed.)8008010719804/2/01New York Museum of ArtNew York, NYPablo Picasso: A Retrospective463Published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Pablo Picasso: a retrospective,' May 22-September 16, 1980, organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, with the collaboration of the Réunion des musées nationaux de France." Bibliography
40Art-GeneralComposition in ArtPoore, Henry Rankin04862335887601090819764/2/01Dover PublicationsNew York, NYComposition in Art95Previous editions of which had title: Pictorial composition and the critical judgment of pictures.
41Art-GeneralSculpture of the Twentieth CenturyRitchie: Andrew Carnduff5300936119524/2/01Museum of Modern ArtNew York, NYSculpture of the Twentieth Century238
42Art-GeneralAfrican SculptureSegy, Ladislas5800548519584/2/01Dover PublicationsNew York, NYAfrican Sculpture34Sculpture, primitive Africa, West; metalwork, carvings, masks, votives.
43Art-GeneralThe Selective Eye: An Anthology of the Best from l'oeil, The European Art Magazineperiodical640573094/2/01ReynalNew York, NYSelective EyeAspects of modern art.

The best in European decoration.

The best in 20th century architecture.
44Art-GeneralDavid SmithSmith, David6801858219684/2/01Holt, Rinehart, and WinstonNew York, NYDavid Smith176
45Art-GeneralVincent Van GoghEvans, Grose6802038619684/2/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYVan Gogh48History of the artist and his work, 20 color slides, and commentary
46Art-GeneralMetalwork: An Introductory Historical SurveySmith, Donald19484/3/01B.T. Batsford Ltd.LondonMetalwork
47Art-GeneralTdianSpencer, J.R.6802656819684/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYTdian
48Art-GeneralPicasso and His ArtThomas, Denis06003617807407801419754/3/01HamlynNew York, NYPicasso and His Art128
49Art-GeneralImpressionismThomson, Belinda08317486809614585619934/3/01Smithmark PublishersNew York, NYImpressionism192
50Art-GeneralAfrican and Oceanic ArtTrowell, Margaret and Hans Nevermann7900997219674/3/01Baden-BadenHollandAfrican and Oceanic Art264
51Art-GeneralFrancisco GoyaVirch, Claus6702989019674/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYFrancisco Goya48
52Art-GeneralPaul GauguinWerner, Alfred6701626519674/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYGauguin47
53Art-GeneralDavid Smith: Modern MastersWilkin, Karen08965942978302151619844/3/01Abbeville PressNew York, NYDavid Smith128
54Art-GeneralLeonardo Da VinciWohl, Hellmut6701626619674/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYDa Vinci48
55Art-GeneralBruegelZupnick, I.L.7211878419704/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYBruegel48
56Business ManagementOne Minute Manager: The Quickest Way to Increase your own ProsperityBlanchard, Kenneth and Spencer Johnson042509847819814/3/01Berkley PublishingNew York, NYOne Minute Manager
57Business ManagementThe Book of Tax Knowledge088723012119864/3/01Boardroom ClassicsNew York, NYBook of Tax Knowledge
59Business ManagementThe Book of Business Knowledge0932648002093264844419854/3/01Boardroom BooksNew York, NYBook of Business Knowledge503
60Business ManagementSuggested Management Guide: A Practical Guide for Helping Small Businessmen Improve Management SkillsSangston, H. Earl6206447719624/3/01Small Business AdministrationWashington D.C.Suggested Management Guide308
61Business ManagementA Comprehensiive Guide to Starting and Running Your Own BusinessBurstiner, Irving097188108694-14343019944/3/01Simon and SchusterNew York, NYComprehensive Guide to Starting356What it takes to succeed in your own business, customer targeting, networking, estimating finances, managing human resources, inventory and materials, distribution, marketing, growth and continuity.
63Business ManagementSupply Chain Management: Issues and Practices for Small and Rural Manufacturersgeige, Christy19984/3/01Upper Great Plains Transportation InstituteFargo, NDSupply Chain Management80Shipping of goods, business logistics.
64Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Complete Handbook of Sand CastingAmmen, C.W.083061043X7802649519794/3/01TAB BooksPennsylvaniaComplete Handbook of Sand Casting238
65Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsTransactions of American Society for MetalsBayless, Raysf 9808699119554/3/01American Society for MetalsCleveland, OHTransactions of American Society for Metals
66Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Art of BlacksmithingBealer, Alex W.078580395519954/3/01Castle BooksNew JerseyArt of Blacksmithing487
67Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Master Handbook of Sheetmetalwork with ProjectsBlandford, Percy W.083069644X19814/3/01TAB BooksPennsylvaniaMaster Handbook of Sheetmetalworkpaperback ISBN: 0830612572
68Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsA Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and IndustryDiderot, Denis04862742849203182019934/3/01Dover PublicationsNew York, NYPictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry0486274292 (pbk.: v. 2).
69Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsDirectory of art Bronze FoundriesEdge, Michael S.18792570179113781419904/3/01Artesia PressOregonArt of Patinas for Bronze132
71Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsTools of our Metalworking Trade: Machine Shop Basics; Metalworking Machines; Measuring Devices and Processes00700154738200777319824/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYTools of our Trade440related title: American Machinist; paperback ISBN: 0076068056
72Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsManual of Engineering Drawing for Students and DraftsmenFrench, Thomas E.3900530419354/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYManual of Engineering Drawing481
73Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsCollage, Montage, Assemblage: A History and Contemporary TechniquesLaliberte, Normand7515050619714/3/01Art Horizons BooksNew York, NYCollage, Montage, Assemblage80
74Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Basic Book of MetalworkingLittle, Richard08269188597807815919794/3/01American Technical PublishersChicago, ILBasic Book of Metalworking124
75Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsBasic Graphical KinematicsKepler, Harold56789-MP-987619604/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYBasic Graphical Kinematics
76Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Metalworker Pattern BookKittredge and Associates19194/3/01U.P.C. Book Co.New York, NYMetalworker Pattern Book
77Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsDirectory of Nonferrous FoundriesMallory, J. A.4/3/01Nonferrouse Founder's SocietyIllinoisDirectory of Nonferrous Foundries
78Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsMetals Technique: A Collection of Techniques for MetalsmithsMcCreight, Tim09615984339207359619924/3/01Brynmorgen PressMaineMetals Technic151
79Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsSheet Metal Shop PracticeMeyer, Leo A.0826919022740516819754/3/01American Technical PublishersIllinoisSheet Metal Shop Practice316
81Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsA Treatise on Stairbuilding & Handrailing: The Classic Text for Joiners, Architects, and RestorersMowat, William09419360238500691619854/3/01Linden PublishingCaliforniaTreatise on Stairbuilding and Handrailing390
82Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Universal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter, Vol 1Neubecker19904/3/01Sheet Metal Publication Co.New York, NYUniversal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter
83Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Universal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter, vol 2Neubecker19924/3/01Sheet Metal Publication Co.New York, NYUniversal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter
84Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsMachine Shop: Operations and SetupsPorter, Lawshe541174619554/3/01American Technical SocietyChicago, ILMachine Shop: Operations and Setups
85Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsModern Sheet Metal Workers InstructorRose, Joseph H.0602843419614/3/01Brass Inc.New York, NYModern Sheet Metal Workers Instructor309Reprint from 1906.
86Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsRyerson Machinery and ToolsRyerson, Joseph T.19544/3/01Ryerson and Sons
87Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsModern University PhysicsRishards, J.60-824619604/3/01Addison-WesleyPennsylvaniaModern University Physics
88Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Procedure Handbook of Arc WeldingSabo, Richard19734/3/01Lincoln Electric Co.OhioProcedure Handbook of Arc Welding
89Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Artist-Blacksmith's CraftSchramm, Julius187853510619954/3/01Skip Jack PressPennsylvaniaArtist-Blacksmith's Craft
90Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsWerk and Werkzeug des Kunstschmieds: The Smithy's Craft and ToolsSchmirler, Otto380305040519814/3/01GermanyWerk and Werkzeug
91Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsMaterials HandbookSchreiber, John19444/3/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYMaterials Handbook
92Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsMetalwork EssentialsTustison, F.E.6201908619364/3/01Bruce Publishing Co.New York, NYMetalwork Essentials236
93Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsEnameling on MetalUntracht, Oppi5701190419574/3/01Chilton Book Co.Philadelphia, PA191
94Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsWelding, Cutting, and Heating Guide: Set-up and Safe Operating Procedures for Oxy-Flame Heating Equipment19774/3/01Victor Welding & Cutting DivisionTexasWelding, Cutting, and Heating Guide
95Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsMethods for Modern SculptorsYoung, R. D.096037440X7909217019954/3/01Sculpt NouveauCaliforniaMethods for Modern Sculptors292
96Metalwork DesignNew Edge of the Anvil: A Resource Book for the BlacksmithAndrews, Jack187953509219944/3/01SkipJack PressPennsylvaniaNew Edge of the Anvi
97Metalwork DesignSamuel Yellin: MetalworkerAndrews, Jack187953505X19924/3/01SkipJack PressMarylandSamuel Yellin: MetalworkerMonograph of Yellin's work commemorating his place in metalworking history.
98Metalwork DesignThe Contemporary BlacksmithMeilach, Dona Z.076431106920004/3/01SchifferAtglen, PAContemporary Balcksmith256Historical roots of contemporary blacksmith design lie in art nouveau and art deco styles. Features: Samuel Yellin, Albert Paley, John Medwedeff, Christopher Thomson, Art Ballard, Phil Heermance, Michael Bondi, Jim Wallace, David Ponsler, Stephen Bondi.
99Metalwork DesignMetal Design International 2001Elgass, Peter393195112X20014/3/01HephaistosImmenstadt-Werdenstadt, GermanyMetal Design International 2001231Contemporary metal design represented by eight masters of their trade, Schlecht, Curtolo, Gradinger, Robinson, Kuhn, Marchel, Rimkus, Bures.
100Metalwork DesignDecorative and Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques, Inspiration for Modern BlacksmithingMeialch, Dona Z.051752319119774/3/01Crown PublishersNew York, NYDecorative and Sculptural Ironwork312Beginning with a short story of ironwork, the author goes on to discuss the ironworking shop, the forge, and the tools, including centrifugal blowers, anvils, vises, hammers, tongs, punches, and machining tools.
101Metalwork DesignCreative Casting: Jewelry, Silverware, SculptureChoate, Sharr051756174319864/3/01Crown PublishersNew York, NYCreative Casting213Major methods of casting metals that are applicable to jewelry, silverware, and sculpture: lost wax, replica, hollow core, sand, cuttlefishbone, and rubber-mold methods.
102Metalwork DesignThe Mexican House Old & NewShipway, Verna Cook803801580601462019604/3/01Architectural Book Publishing Co.New York, NYMexican House Old and New187Spain, Portugal, Moorish influence on Mexican metalwork and architectural design.
103Metalwork DesignBaltimore's Cast-Iron & Architectural IronworkDilts, James D. and Catharine F. Black087033427119914/3/01Tidewater PublishersCentreville, MDBaltimore's Cast-Iron & Architectural Ironwork101Cast-iron architecture in Baltimore.
104History of Metals TradeAnvils in AmericaPostman, Richard0966325605989124019984/3/01Postma PublishingBerrien Springs, MIArtist-Blacksmith's Craft550
105Business to Write an eCommerce Business PlanRoss, Manning L.1-55571-531-100-3562120004/25/01Oasis PressCentral Point, ORBusinessplan194Business and eCommerce related resources, funding resources, sample text writing, business plan, web site. Paperback
106Business ManagementKick Ass Success: How to Achieve ItSherlock, Joseph M.1-55571-518-400-03913420004/25/01Oasis PressCentral Point, ORKick Ass Success197Troubleshooting business problems, evaluating profit and success margins. Paperback
107Business ManagementHow to Produce Effective Operations and Maintenance ManualsTidwell, Mike0-7844-0011-300-02889220002/25/01ASCEReston, VAHow you Produce Effective Operations and85Step-by-step guide to create operations and maintenance manuals. Paperback.
108Business ManagementThe Guild Handbook1-880140-34919984/25/01The GuildMadison, WIGuild Handbook225Artist and product directory, gallery.
109Business ManagementSurety Bonds for Construction ContractsRussell, Jeffrey S.07844-0426-799-0195420004/25/01ASCEReston, VASurety Bonds for Construction Contracts401Describes and analyzes each element of the surety bonding process.
110Art, GeneralThe Sourcebook of Artists: Designers Edition 10The Guild18801416019954/25/01Kraus SikesMadison, WISourcebook of Artists216paperback/ ISBN 1-88014015-2 Hardback 327 Color photographs showcase 145 artists creating: works for the wall, furniture, and accessories.
111Art, GeneralThe Sourcebook of Artists: Architects Edition 10The Guild188014012819954/25/01Kraus SikesMadison, WISourcebook of Artists313softback/ ISBN 188014011X hardback 521 photos showcase 235 artists working in: ceramics, mosaics, wall relief, architectural glass/metal/elements, murals, sculpture
112Business ManagementPartner Shift: How to Profit from the Partnering TrendRigsbee, Ed0-471-38653-700-03665220004/25/01John Wiley & SonsNew York, NYPartner Shift270Partnering two or more business entities together for the purpose of developing synergistic solutions.
114Metalwork DesignA Pictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork: Twelfth Through Eighteenth CenturiesHoever, Otto ed.0-486-41728-X00-05230520014/25/01Dover PublicationsMineola, NYEncyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork320Pictures of Ironwork from the 12th through 18th centuries. Ironwork before the advent of cast iron. *Purchase this book through the NOMMA Education Foundation.
115Art, GeneralContemporary Crafts: The Sourcebook of Craft Artists: Galler Edition 2The Guild188014013619954/26/01Kraus SikesMadison, WIContemporary Crafts141216 photographs show the work of 168 artists creating: jewelry, furniture, and accessories. Softback ISBN 1880140144
116History of Metals TradeLike It Aint Never Passed: Remembering Life in Sloss Quarters, 1930s - 1950s19854/26/01Sloss Furnaces National Historic LandmarkBirmingham, ALLike It Aint Never Passed18Interviews of the men who worked Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. History of life in Birmingham in company housing.
117Metalwork DesignCity in a Garden: Homes in the Lincoln Park CommunityAngle, Paula (ed.), Maurice Forkert, O. (comp.), and Thomas J. Mulhaney, (photo.)19634/26/01Coach House PressChicago, ILCity in a Garden65A pictorial story of neighborhood conservation.
118Metalwork DesignTextile Techniques in Metal for Jewelers, Sculptures, and Textile ArtistsFisch, Arline M.044222400174-1524919754/26/01Van Nostrand ReinholdNew York, NYTextile Techniques in Metal168Jewelry, sculpture, and textile art, Australia.
119Metalwork DesignSilver in American LifeWard, Barbara McLean, and Gerald W.R. Ward087923288919794/26/01David R. GodineBoston, MASilver in American Life193An historical to present day account of the relationship between silver and American life.
120Art, GeneralArchitectural Arts & Sculpture: The Architect's Sourcebook 12The Guild188014023319974/26/01Kraus SikesMadison, WIArchitectural Arts & Sculpture335531 pictures showcases 232 artists working in: architectural ceramics, mosaics, and wall relief, arch. Metal, glass, and elements, sculpture, restoration, liturgical art, murals and trompe l'oeil
121Metalwork DesignThe Blacksmith & His ArtHawley, J.E.19764/26/01J.E. HawleyPhoenix, AZBlacksmith & His Art176History and design of blacksmith, blacksmithing.
122Metalwork DesignEarly Iron WareSmith, Elmer L., and Mel Horst (photographer)19714/26/01Applied ArtsLebanon, PAEarly Iron Ware32American history of blacksmithing and iron ware.
123Metalwork DesignWrought Iron in ArchitectureGeerlings, Gerald K.684-12842-x19294/27/01Scribner & SonsNew York, NYWrought Iron in Architecture201A world history of wrought iron in architecture.
124Metalwork DesignOrnamental Ironwork: An Illustrated Guide to its Design, History, & Use in American ArchitectureSouthward, Susan and Micheal087923233I7794III19784/27/01David R. GodineBoston, MAOrnamental Ironwork201An historical summary and illustrated builder's guide to ornamental ironwork.
125Metalwork DesignSaint Louis Homes 1866-1916: The Golden AgeCoyle, Elinor Martineau70-15224319714/27/01Folkestone PressSaint Louis, MOSaint Louis Homes176An historical pictorial of Saint Louis residential architecture from 1866-1916.
126Metalwork DesignMetal Design & TechniqueBraun-Feldweg, Wilhelm0442210396741400119754/27/01Van Norstrand ReinholdNew York, NYMetal Design and Technique296Metalwork: historic and modern design and technique.
127Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsPractical BlacksmithingRichardson, M.T. ed.051725025X779450719784/27/01Weathervane BooksNew York, NYPractical Blacksmithing276Forward by Dona Z. Meilach, covers every aspect of working with iron and steel, blacksmithing process, soldering, welding, brazing, forging, tempering, tools, equipment, chains, knives, sleds, wagons, horseshoes.
128Metalwork Design1100 Decorative French Ironwork DesignsDenonvillers Company048641223700-05896220015/23/01DoverMineola, NYDecorative French Ironwork Designs86And archive of decorative French ironwork designs. Images only. Book can be purchased through NEF.
129Metalwork DesignEnglish Ironwork of the XVIIth & XVIIIth CenturiesGardner, J. Starkie048641243100-06032920005/23/01DoverMineola, NYEnglish Ironwork336English ironwork during the 17th and 18th centuries, from the accession of William and Mary through Queen Anne. *Purchase this book through the NOMMA Education Foundation.
130Metalwork DesignDecorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques & InspirationMeilach, Dona Z.076430790898-5307619995/24/01SchifferAtglen, PADecorative & Sculptural Ironwork312Beginning with a short story of ironwork, the author goes on to discuss the ironworking shop, the forge, and the tools, including anvils, vises, hammers, tongs, punches, centrifugal blowers, and machine tools.
131Metalwork DesignA Pictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork: Twelfth through Eighteenth CenturiesHoever, Otto Ed.048641728X00-05230520015/24/01DoverMineola, NYPictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork320Ornamental wrought ironwork from the 12th through the 18th centuries. *Purchase this book through the NOMMA Education Foundation.
132Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceMechanical Measurements, 5th ed.Beckwith, T.G. and N. Lewis Buck02015694779202351519937/17/01Addison-WesleyReading, MAMechanical Measurements876
133Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceRewinding Small MotorsBraymer, Daniel H. and A.C. Roe08987429198002958019837/17/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYRewinding Small Motors422
134Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceHigher Surveying, 6th ed.Higgins, Arthur Lavata 4500353919447/17/01John Wiley and SonNew York, NYHigher Surveying463
135Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceSteel Working and Tool Dressing: A Manual of Practical Information for Blacksmiths and other Workers in Steel and IronCasterlin, Warren S.1401854119147/17/01M.T. RichardsonNew York, NYSteel Working and Tool Dressing207
136Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceThe new American machinist's handbook. Based upon earlier editions of American machinists' handbook, edited by Fred H. Colvin and Frank A. Stanley.Colvin, Fred H, and Frank A. Stanley, Rupert Le Grande ed.5500890819557/17/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYAmerican Machinists' Handbook
137Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceThe Starrett Book of Machinist ApprenticesFairfield, Howard P. and Carl S. Dow19157/17/01L.S. StarrettBoston, MAStarrett Book of Machinist Apprentices
138Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceStructural Members and Connections, 2nd ed.Hool, George A., W.S. Kinne, R.R. Zipprodt, and F.N. Menefee4300778319437/17/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYStructural Members and Connections639
139Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceScientific American Handybook of Facts and FormulaeHopkins, Albert A.19207/17/01MunnNew York, NYScientific American Handybook
140Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceLittle Giant Powerhammer: Rebuilding History and UseKern, Bu Richard R.1-880173-03-419927/17/01H & KOhioLittle Giant PowerhammerPaperback: 1-880173-02-6
141Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceTechnology of Machine Tools, 2nd ed.Krar, S.F., J.W. Oswald, and J.E. Amand00280307109600518319977/17/01McGraw-HillNew York, NYTechnology of Machine Tools869
142Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceMetal Stairs Manual, 4th ed.National Association of Metal Manufacturers8208012819827/17/01National Association of Metal ManufacturersIllinoisMetal Stairs Manual
143Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceKidder's Architects' and Builders' Peket-Book: A Handbook for Architects, Structural Engineers, Builders and Draughtsmen, 16th ed.Nolan, Thomas and Frank E. Kidder19167/17/01StanhopeBoston, MAKidder's Architects' and Builders' Peket-Book
144Business ManagementBusiness Forms and Contracts for Crafts PeopleDuboff, Leonard D.0-88089-011-819467/17/01MadronaBusiness Forms and Contracts for Crafts People
145Business ManagementThe Law for CraftspeopleDuboff, Leonard D.0-88179-032-x19917/17/01CopelandLaw for Craftspeople
146Business ManagementInc. magazine presents how to really create a successful business plan : featuring the business plans of Pizza Hut, Software Publishing Corp., Celestial Seasonings, People Express, Ben & Jerry'sGumpert, David E.18803942359607700219867/17/01Inc. Pub.Boston, MAHow to Really Create a Successful Business Plan236
147Business ManagementBusiness Plans HandbookGale Research1084-44739664079419957/17/01Gale researchDetroit, MIBusiness Plans Handbook29
148Business ManagementRegional Industrial Buying Guide1042-54898865855019937/17/01Thomas Regional Directory Co.New York, NYRegional Industrial Buying Guide29Five Penn Plaza, New York, NY (212) 695-0500
149Business ManagementThomas Register of American Manufacturers (volumes 1-20 products and services)T1219977/17/01ThomasWoodbridge, CTThomas Register of American ManufacturerFive Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 (212) 695-0500.
150Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceThe Artist Blacksmith: Design and TechniquesParkinson, Peter1-86126-428-320022/11/02The Crowood PressWiltshire, EnglandArtist Blacksmith: Design and Techniques160An introduction to blacksmithing as art, including section on materials, blacksmithing processes and techniques, developing and carrying out a design, and examples of today's artist blacksmiths.
151Metalwork DesignArchitectural IronworkMeilach, Dona Z.07643-1324-x20014/23/02SchifferAtglen, PAArchitectural Ironwork240Another great book from Dona Meilach featuring designs by NOMMA members and more. Helpful design book, popular.
152Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceHandbook of Corrosion EngineeringPierre R. Roberge00707651629903589820006/18/02McGraw-HillNew York, NYHandbook of Corrosion Engineering1139Corrosion and anticorrosives, includes bibliographical references and index, illustrations, paperback.
153Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceProfessional Smithing: Traditional TechniquesDonald Streeter1879335662199512/29/01Astragal PressProfessional Smithing: Traditional TechniquesProfessional Smithing: Traditional Techniques for Decorative Ironwork, Whitesmithing, Hardware, Toolmaking, and Locksmithing
154Metalwork & General Technical ReferenceMoving Metal: The Art of Chasing and RepousseAdolph Steines097076649120011/10/03Blue Moon PressHuntingdon, PAMoving Metal: The Art of Chasing and Repousse131Translated from German, the book addresses the workroom, tools, materials, working surfaces (including carpeting and pitches), transfer of designs, sinking, raising, stamping, chasing, repoussé, engraving, soldering, etching, and finishing.
155Metalwork DesignDecorative Iron and Metalwork: Great Examples form Good English SourcesR. Goodwin-Smith048642058220021/10/03Dover PublicationsMineola, NYDecorative Iron and Metalwork102This 9 3/8 by 12 1/4 inch book provides a study of decorative English iron and metalwork with 140 illustrations ranging from the 14th through the 20th-centuries. Book can be purchased through NEF.
156History of Metals TradeThe Sword Through the CenturiesAlfred Hutton048642520720021/10/03Dover publicationsMieola, NYSword Through the Centuries367Study of the development of the sword from its earliest forms. Reprinted from 1901.
157Metalwork DesignIl Letto E DintorniGiuseppi Ciscato888125449220001/10/03AlineaItalyIl Letto E Dintorni229Italian modern metal design.
158Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsThe Design of Products to be Hot Dip Galvanized After FabricationAmerican Galvanizers AssociationMore than 30 full-color illustrations are included. 28 pages, D-PGAF-02 $5.50
159Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsHot-Dip Galvanizing for Corrosion Protection: A Specifier's GuideAmerican Galvanizers AssociationThis comprehensive discussion of corrosion, methods of protecting steel, the history of hot-dip galvanizing, and the hot-dip galvanizing process also explores various applications for hot-dip galvanizing. $6.45
160Metalwork Trade/Technical ManualsDuplex Systems: Painting Over Hot Dip Galvanized SteelAmerican Galvanizers AssociationProvides an overview of the many applications of painted hot-dip galvanized steel, while detailing procedures for successful adhesion. $3.50

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