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METALfab - Education
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 Education photo               METALfab2017                                                   Feb 1 - 5 San Antonio, Tx

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Education Program

         METALfab2017 Education program presented by NEF


  Febuary 1 Continuing Edcuation Class

February 2 - 3 Education Program

February 3 - Tradeshow with AFA



 Complete class line up can be viewed  - NEF Education Classes

Schedule showing dates and time to be posted soon and will also be available during online registration                  



METALfab2016 NEF Education Program 



Keynote Speaker
for METALfab2016

Sam Wyche
Team Building the Wyche Way

Inspirational and positive reinforcement filled with motivation, humor, sports (football) stories directly relate to your company. Sam utilizes short stories and modern day parables to motivate the audience to further explore the ideas, theories, realities, and challenges.

Using 28 years as a player, coach, head coach, general manager, and NFL broadcaster for NBC and CBS, Sam demonstrates how his “life lessons learned” can also enrich your team’s workplace, and personal life.

Through audience participation, Sam’s presentation plants the seed of excitement and everyone leaves with the expanded outlook of not “Have a good day,” but expecting to “Have a great life!”.

NEF Education
Special Presenter for METALfab2016

Steve Baker, Vice PresidentThe Great Game of Business Inc.

One of Inc. Magazine’s top-rated speakers, Steve Baker co-wrote the update of the #1 bestseller, The Great Game of Business. Known for his engaging and irreverent style, Steve coaches fast growing companies on Open-Book Management, Strategy & Execution, Leadership, and Employee Engagement. Having spent two decades struggling to help small-business owners reach their goals without access to key business metrics, going ‘Open-Book’ changed his life. He serves on the board of the National Center for Employee Ownership and SRC’s Ownership Culture Initiative. Steve is a career marketing and branding professional and is an award-winning designer. 


NEF Education Program
for METALfab2016

Class dates are subject to change – please check for updates.

Wednesday, March 16

Selling a Product or Selling Yourself?
Justin Pigott, Emerald Ironworks

To be successful what are the things we as fabricators and business owners need to do? Come hear what Justin has done and is doing to make it look easy.

CAD/BIM 3D Drawing
Dave Fillipi, FabCAD & Terry Barrett,
Pin Point Solutions

Computer Aided Drafting is the standard form of communication within the construction industry. 3D modeling and BIM are quickly evolving technologies that are facilitating a new way to look at buildings and building systems interaction before, during, and after the construction process. This session explores these technologies and how the O&MM fabricator can benefit from their use. 

History of Metalwork

Eric Cuper, Cuper Studios LLC

Last time we discussed history of the common metals we use in our industry. In the History of Metalwork we look into the origins of the objects that we make every day. We will attempt to answer the question of why does architectural metalwork exist?

The Company Handbook

Allyn Moseley, The Heirloom Companies, Debbie Brown, Galavan, White, & Boyd

The focus of this session is on the importance and value of owning and utilizing a company handbook for your operation. In today’s legalistic workplace, having a clear and concise understanding of mutual expectations between you and your employees is critical to a successful relationship. Every company at some point will experience conflict with employees. When that happens you must have documentation to protect your company. To a large degree that documentation begins with using a company handbook. In this session you will learn: How most state labor laws lean in favor of the employee, how implementing a handbook will save you thousands of dollars, that a handbook can improve the relationship between you and your employees, and how a handbook can give you a clearer vision to run your business. Writing a company handbook can be a daunting and expensive task. To help you with this, you will be given a sample handbook that you can use as a template to modify to your own needs. Debbie Brown, a labor attorney with the Greenville law firm of Galavan, White & Boyd will be on hand to add comments and answer questions. Join us for this session and walk away with a great tool to improve how you run your business.


Doug Bracken, Wiemann Metalcraft, & Mark R. Koenke Germantown Iron and Steel

The session will explore the techniques two different shops use to estimate ornamental, miscellaneous, and light structural jobs. Discussion will include paper tools and templates that allow you to quickly estimate jobs of varying size and complexity and will also touch on the range of software available to help estimate larger projects.

Women in the Business

Motivating employees through Leadership - Taught by Certified Speaking Professional Becky McCrary

Thursday, March 17

How to Win The Great Game of Business

Steve Baker, The Great Game of Business Inc.

In 1983, along with 12 other managers, Jack Stack scraped together $100,000 in cash, borrowed $8.9 million, and transformed a failing division of International Harvester into one of the most successful and competitive companies in America. Under Stack’s Open-Book Management approach, SRC Holdings Corporation is a thriving company of 1,600+ engaged employees operating 14 business units across a variety of industries producing more than $550 million in annual sales. It has increased SRC’s value from 10 cents per share in 1983 to over $435 today.

Attendees will learn the origins and the fundamentals of The Great Game of Business as the most celebrated approach to Open-Book Management.

RTV Rubber Mold Making and White Metal Casting

Roger Carlsen, Ephraim Forge Inc.

Occasionally a shop may need a few finials or medallions to restore a piece of ironwork only to find that these are no longer available. Or maybe you would like to add a small casting of your own design to an ornamental piece but do not want to incur the cost of a full run. A white metal casting may be the solution to the situation. With little special equipment, a RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) rubber mold can be made and a low temperature melting white metal cast can be created to solve the problem. Join Roger as he does a video demonstration of both procedures.

Driving Team Performance with Mini-Games Part 1 & Part 2

Steve Baker, The Great Game of Business Inc.

Participants will create a short-term, intensely focused challenges designed to rapidly correct a weakness or pursue opportunities within your business. It’s continuous improvement driven down to the floor level of your company. There is a common goal, a scorecard, and a reward for winning. This is a highly interactive training session that will give you the skill-set and the tool-set you need to design and apply effective Games within your company.

Attendees will take away the knowledge of how to immediately begin implementing The Great Game of Business into their own business and begin driving results.

Coatings and Painting Equipment

Chet Dinkins, Sumter Coatings & Judith Lietzke, Finishing Brands

Coatings are the first thing your customers see on your coated products and are the leading cause of product “failure” in our industry. Join this session to learn more about different coating types, application methods/tools, and quality inspection techniques to improve the overall appearance and performance of your coatings. Coatings discussed will include liquid paints, both oil and water based, and powder coatings. 


“Collaboration in a Connected World”

Roger “Lee” Flynn Jr., R & F Metals Inc.

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace and significantly impacting the way we communicate in a connected digital world. How do we make sure that everyone is on the same page? This session will look at the devices we use to communicate (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and the applications that allow us to use these devices to improve design, productivity, organization, and collaboration. The discussion will focus on solutions that are appropriate for both small and large companies and the presentation will conclude with a Q&A. 

Friday, March 18

Great Game of Business Production

Steve Baker, The Great Game of Business Inc.

This is an opportunity to see how removing information constraints can increase production and lower costs. It’s a live, hands-on interactive that should be something you won’t easily forget.

Code Update

Tom Zuzik, Artistic Railings & Tony Leto, The Wagner Companies


Come join these two veterans of the building code process to hear about changes and updates to the ICC Codes (IBC and IRC) that regulate your pool fence, railings and other life safety products. 

Contingency Planning, Growth & Innovation Workshop

Steve Baker, The Great Game of Business Inc.

Preparing for the worst-case scenario is not the first thing on most entrepreneurs’ to-do lists. Yet, having a solid contingency plan can help ensure a company’s sustainability as it helps set the business apart from the mainstream. In this workshop, learn best practices for contingency planning, discover a proactive process that ensures long-term growth and wards against failure, and find out how planning for the worst can actually be your best source of innovation and business growth.

Attendees will leave understanding the fundamentals of contingency planning, growth, and innovation. Also, you will be given a unique tool to identify, capture, rank, and prioritize innovative products, services, and business ideas.


A Stake in the Outcome: Designing a Great Bonus Program

Steve Baker, The Great Game of Business Inc.

Most bonus plans are disappointing to business owners because they don’t motivate, they aren’t appreciated, and they quickly become entitlements. Most bonus plans disappoint employees because they’re a mystery, they’re unpredictable and they’re never, ever enough. So what can you do? In this session, you’ll discover the elements of good bonus plan design, and explore a proven method of progressive, graduated gain-sharing that will have employees forecasting their own bonuses.

Introduction to Foundry and Pattern Methods: Traditional and Modern

James O’Neil, OK Foundry Inc.

Do you know what it takes to have custom castings made for your metalwork? Do you want to set yourself apart from the competition by offering custom castings? This presentation will cover the basics of foundry work from loose patterns to production runs and how to work with your foundry to maximize value and quality for your clients. 

Create More Value in Your Company in Order to Produce More Profit

Download Handout 

Bruce Witter, CT&S Metalworks. Curt Witter, Big D Metalworks

Bruce and Curt Witter will share their knowledge from many successful and challenging years in the business. Included in this discussion will be: know your break-even, know your optimum job mix to maximize loading/profit, maximize tax strategies, stabilize your work force, establish metrics, transition to design-build, sub-contact or do in-house. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten — yes it is possible to make money and leverage your Top Job entry. Always remember that People, Product, Potential, Profit, and Preservation of Capital are key words in a successful business.

Saturday, March 19

S.P.A.R.K.S.  (Spectacular Presentations And Really Kool Seminars)


Special Day at The Heirloom Companies 

With over 20,000 square feet of capacity, The Heirloom Companies is one of the premier wood and metal facilities in the country. They are one of the few companies that specializes in the blending of wood and metal in their products and serves a national market. A multi Top Job winner, they are sought after by architects and designers for their innovative and unique designs in stairs, railings, furniture, lighting, fire screens and many other products. You will experience full access to their facility, which includes capabilities in wood, copper, steel, forging, CAD design, and CNC technologies.

- Copper Light Fabrication - Heirloom has its own lighting division headed up by master coppersmith Joe Cooper. This will be a full day, ongoing event that will highlight the process of copper light fabrication with an emphasis on a technique described as “textured bronze”. Joe will also talk about the design process and the particulars of being UL certified.

- Manufacturing of Curved Staircases - Again, an all day ongoing demonstration that will take you through the entire process including CAD design, template manufacturing, how to bend plywood skirts, CNC cut treads and preparing for iron balustrade fabrication. Watch as master craftsman Hank Knights demonstrates the construction process and don’t be shy about joining in.

- Lunch by Back Street Kitchen - A fantastic lunch will be cooked onsite by Back Street Kitchen. 

- Welding Competition - Here’s your chance to show off your welding skills and win. During the lunch hour a MIG welding competition will take place. Space will be limited to 10 lucky participants so make sure you visit the signup sheet located in the showroom to get in on the action. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

- Demonstration by Phil Heermance - With over 40 years of experience, Phil is certainly good at what he does. A partner in Art’s Work in south Florida, Phil has created some of the finest ornamental metalwork to be found anywhere. This program will be a split scheduled event with one session mid morning and another in the early afternoon. The sessions will include: Pipe Forging, Aluminum Forging, Sheet Metal Forming and Adding Textures. 

- Fabrication of Kitchen Hood Vents - A late afternoon event featuring the process Heirloom has created to build kitchen hood vents. This unique process utilizes CAD and CNC technologies, plywood frames with the result being an easier build, time saving techniques and fool proof accuracy. Time permitting, some copper patinas and repoussé work will be demonstrated. 

- Vendor Demos - Several equipment suppliers will have their products working and under power so that you can see the full effect of their offering. 







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